photo by Ras Vaughan/

Double Drakensberg Grand Traverse OKT Attempt Gear List

Basic Gear

Gossamer Geat Ranger 35 - prototype 35 liter pack

Gossamer Gear Pack Liner

Gossamer Gear Nitelight Sleeping Pad

Gossamer Gear LT5 trekking poles

Gossamer Gear The One tent

Gossamer Gear Tent Stakes x 10

Gossamer Gear stuff sacks, assorted sizes x 5

Gossamer Gear Q-storage bags x 3

Altra Running Shorts

Altra ¼ zip Shell

Altra Full Back Stash Jacket

Altra Zoned Heat Tights

Altra Men’s Hoodie

Altra Lone Peak 3.5 trailrunning shoes

Altra Trail Gaiters

Altra Buff

Altra Lightweight Gloves

Western Mountaineering Down Sleeping Bag

Western Mountaineering Flash Pants – Down

Mont Bell Synthetic Puffy

Injinji Midweight Tetrasox x 2 pair

Smartwool socks x 1 pair
Black Diamond Mountaineering Gloves

Wrangler Pearlsnap short sleeved shirt

Smartwool Armsleeves

Bandana x 2

Synthetic Earflap Hat

Fleece Hat bought at minimart years ago

Sawyer Squeeze Filter

Nathan 2 liter hydration bladder x 2

Nathan 22oz water bottle x 2 (not pictured)

Snowpeak Titanium Spork

Watertight plastic Soak-Eaze container

Collapsible toothbrush

Down Slippers made from the sleeves cut off an old down jacket

Electronic & Electric Gear

GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition x 2

extra GoPro batteries x 2 plus charger

EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis Gimbal

Batteries for gimbal x 2 + charger

Nokia 930 phone with 18 megapixel camera (not pictured)

LG Android phone with Gaia App & maps & tracks loaded
Vodacom WiFi Hotspot

Garmin eTrex 20 GPS

SPOT satellite transponder
Black Diamond Polar Icon headlamp

Black Diamond headlamp (backup)
Battery charger x 2

Sony Walkman mp3 player

GoPro head mount

Charging cables x 6

AA batteries for Polar Icon headlamp and GPS

AAA batteries for backup headlamp and SPOT transponder

Third World MacGyver Kit

Standard MacGyver Kit:

Gossamer Gear Cuban Q-Storage Sack

Leather Sewing Needles x 3

Upholstery Thread x 1 spool

Super Glue x 2 tubes

Tenacious Tape x 1 roll

Tenacious Tape Precut Patches x 1 package (I often cut each precut patch into two smaller patches – perfect for mending small holes in puffy gear)

Fly Fishing Leader x 6 feet

Duct Tape x 10 feet

Gorilla Tape x 6 feet
(remainder rolls, flattened, with most of the cardboard core pealed out)

MSR Aquatabs x 8 (water purification for 16 liters)

Tinidazole (Giardia Medication) x 2 adult doses

Caffiene Pills, 200mg x 12

Sharpie, Large

Safety Pins, Large x 2

Zip Ties From Turkey Bags x 4 (these were in my MacGyver kit from the Grand Enchantment Trail and I forgot to remove them)

Backup Earbuds & Earbud Tips for Mp3 player
(These last two could easily be argued to be unimportant, in response to which I have three rationalizations: 1. The component parts, i.e. wires, gummy tips, are a very useful resource with many potential applications should they need to be cannibalized from the earbuds in an emergency; 2. Mood and brain chemistry management are one of the very few Human behaviors that distinguish us from other mammals and primates, and music and audiobooks are very effective for me in this regard; and 3. The FM radio band of my Mp3 player can frequently pick up weather reports, which has in the past provided important information, such as in Culvert Camp during our Grand Enchantment Trail Yo-yo attempt)

Third World Additions:

Deejo Linerlock Stainless Steel 37Gram Knife

Homemade Firestrarters (cotton balls impregnated with petroleum jelly)
Malaria Prophylaxis Medication