OFFICIAL ONLY KNOWN TIME ATTEMPT ANNOUNCEMENT & YOUTH FUNDRAISER: Beginning the morning of Sunday, July 23rd, 2017, Kyle Pease and I will begin a traverse of the summits of Mount Rainier and Mount Adams and ending with a summit of Mount Saint Helens, all linked on foot completely unsupported, unresupplied, and only taking water from natural sources. The route is approximately 190 miles long with 41,579 feet of elevation gain. We hope to complete this Rainier-Adams-StHelens Traverse in eight days or less, but the main goal is simply to complete it. And in so doing, we are raising money for The Mountaineers Youth Programs, to help more Young People fall in love with the outdoors.

Last year when I was doing my solo Mount Adams Infinity Loop, I had the distinct sensation of Mount Rainier watching me as I ascended the North Cleaver of Adams. Whenever I would turn around and sit for a moment facing north, Rainier would be right there staring me in the face, begging for a linkup. And once on the summit, Mount St. Helens was there to the west. This potential linkup with Rainier and Adams and StHelens was bouncing around in my head for a few weeks before I realized that the first letter of each mountain spelled RAS, so I dubbed it the R-A-S Traverse. From that point on it wasn’t matter of IF I was going to attempt it, but WHEN. And now is the time. I’m joined on this adventure by Kyle Pease, and you can follow our progress here:

We are doing this not just to test our mettle and test the boundaries of Human endurance, but to raise fund for The Mountaineers Youth Programs to help introduce more Young People to the Natural World. Please click the link below and click on the gold CONTRIBUTE button on the right and make a donation. Whether it be $5, $25, or $500 every little bit helps get more kids outside and helps build the foundation for a lifelong love of adventure. Find out more here:

I will be posting updates throughout the project to my personal Facebook profile, the Team UltraPedestrian page, and Instagram:

You can also follow the hashtags #RAStraverse #OPYA and #OurParksYourAdventure as well as #ZeroLimits #RunLonger #TakeLessDoMore #BeTrailReady #Team7hills #HShive #Ultraneering.
Special Thanks to Altra Running and Gossamer Gear for making this project possible!

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